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providing free gas and electricity for families in need within enfield 



This project is run by Jubilee Church London through The North Enfield Foodbank to help foodbank beneficiaries facing fuel crisis.

Here at Fuel Bank, we are working with the Fuel Bank Foundation to help those in need get gas and/or electricity. 


Clients are referred for our support through the North Enfield Foodbank to provide them with up to two weeks usage. Once referred, clients usually have their vouchers issued to them within 24 hours. These vouchers can then be redeemed at paypoint and payzone outlets, with some exceptions. 


It is our heart that every one of our clients will be able to heat their home, cook and enjoy the food we provide them in a home that has the necessary power.

To get help please visit the North Enfield Foodbank page link below.

To support the Fuel Bank Project, please click below.

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